How to message people on online dating websites

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Straight men have it the worst of all — averaging a 12% chance of having a first message turn into an online conversation. Single men send over three times as many first messages as single women do, and they also reply at higher rates (26% to 16%).

Yet, for all that work, they’re coming in way under par.

You’ll say your line, and the other person will “lol” politely and then move on to someone who wants to talk about something real.Also, while we’re on the subject, never copy and paste your first message.People can tell, and they won’t appreciate your generic approach to online dating.They exaggerate their importance or fudge the facts to make themselves look good, and they fool people into thinking they’re someone they’re not.In a survey of 1,000 single men and women, 53% of Americans admitted to lying on their dating profiles.

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