How to win the dating game

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The whole process of dating can be really exciting.

It’s very rare in life that you spend a few hours in one-on-one conversation with a stranger.

Just like men, I think women have to learn how to deal with rejection, and learn how to be proactive, especially when we are interested in someone, whether we consider ourselves a "masculine" or "feminine" woman.

I think calling a proactive approach to dating the "masculine role" problematic in itself, because (although it has been in the past) it should not be just up to men to initiate something.

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Ladies, this is where you take the lead because chances are you are both interested in sex. But, if you plan to fake it until you make it, you might make it fake. You found someone who likes you and whose company you really enjoy. Know that you will not have all the answers and that is okay.Trust me; ladies are thinking about where the relationship is going to go long before they ever met you. At some point everyone thinks, “Am I going to get laid? Here is the kicker, if your version of winning is getting laid, then you only have to be interesting for a short while. This is the agreement stage of dating meaning that you mutually decide the terms of engagement. “I finally have a significant other to hold my hand, to be with me, to love and have sex with.” This stage can be equated with arrival. Also, the real tip to winning is that there is no real formula except to try and try again.If your version of winning is gaining and sustaining a long-term partnership then you have to keep’em interested. This is where you blend all parts you with all parts them and bake a relationship. It can feel good because it can seemingly take the sting of uncertainty out of your future. Finally, sing the Rolling Stones’ lyrics with me: Author’s Note: Different parameters may apply to various sexual orientations.But, if you are more feminine than masculine, all you have to do to break the ice is look good. The list goes on and it goes something like: long legs; short skirt, boobs of any kind; no bra or push-up bra with a deep v-neck shirt, and extraordinary hygiene!If you do this, consider the ice broken because the fact is no one can look at you and see your award-winning personality.

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