Inoue mao and matsumoto jun dating 2016

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In the same year, Matsumoto took another high-profile role in the live-action adaptation of manga series Kimi wa Pet as Takeshi "Momo" Goda, starring opposite Koyuki.In 2005, Matsumoto took the most prominent role of his career to date when he was cast as Tsukasa Domyōji in the live-action adaptation of shōjo manga Hana Yori Dango.---contain spoiler of snow white murder case---- I just watched snow whitr murderer case. Jun Matsumoto and Mao Inoue were spotted at a restaurant together, and they left after one another, I saw the picture and Mao was wearing a mask tin disguise and Jun Matsumoto was wearing a hat.

In 20, Matsumoto was given his first lead stage play roles in Eden no Higashi.The first drama that I watch for her is Hana yori dango. I hope she gets more work in the future because she is really becoming a wonderful actress. Haha and then i recognize in a minute that she looks like a final fantasy character.. You know with those round eyes, perfect nose, thin lips and narrow face shape!! Co-starring opposite Mao Inoue, Shun Oguri, Shota Matsuda and Tsuyoshi Abe, the series was a success with an average viewership rating of 19.6%.Matsumoto's portrayal as the air-headed and arrogant leader of four rich heirs won him Best Supporting Actor again at the 47th Television Drama Academy Awards.

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