Internet dating scams nz

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The solution: Water company officials carry photo ID — check it out carefully — and use only official vehicles. And don’t let people pressure you into making purchases with high pressure sales tactics.The scam: Instead of sending you a phishing email, scammers send you a cell phone text message, supposedly from your bank, asking you to visit a website whose address looks genuine.

And never provide confidential information unless you know the site is secure — with an “s” in the “https” part of the address line and/or a padlock icon in the message area of your browser.

The scam: A sad story and a timely warning from the ever-popular classified ad site Craigs List.

A guy raising money for a terminally ill parent tries to sell furniture and gets a reply offering to buy.

The solution: Never accept people’s claims about items they’re selling without proof.

And always beware of scammers in tourist locations — they know all the tricks in the book.

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