Interracial dating peoples opinions on it

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In fact, both of our parents have spent holidays together on a few occasions and everyone got along!

My husband isn’t trying to be black and I’m not trying to be white.

Statistically shown, most of the interracial couples in the United States are black and white.

There aren't as many asian and white couples as there are white and other races.

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I speak eloquently because I was taught to respect education and was corrected on my speech as a child.

My husband reminds me to wear a scarf at night because he knows how tangled and dry my hair will be in the morning without it. We accept each other’s differences & celebrate that our children are a beautiful combination of us–which is much more than their skin color.

Several people have told us that watching our marriage relationship has changed their ideas about race.

This is an okay reason to be against interracial relationships, but I still feel like it happens so rarely that it shouldn't affect a couple who wants to be together.

Plus, if you teach your children that it is wrong to be racist towards someone of different color and/or different culture, they will keep a good mind set and not let the non-believers opinions phase them.

If you were to follow us around with cameras all day, you would see that my husband and I are pretty normal people.

We argue about petty stuff, we love to travel & spend time with our kids, and we sneak in dates & naps whenever possible.

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