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This includes populations living in Iraq, the Persian Gulf region, the Caucasus region, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and northern India.The formal name of the Iranian state is Jomhuri-ye Islami-ye Iran , the Islamic Republic of Iran. The terms "Iran" as the designation for the civilization, and "Iranian" as the name for the inhabitants occupying the large plateau located between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf have been in continual use for more than twenty-five hundred years.Many Iranians who enjoyed considerable freedoms before 1979 never gave up their desire for Western culture and still try to enjoy it behind closed doors.For most of us who perceive Iranians as radical or completely devout, the reality is actually quite shocking.They have been inspired by Western ideals, and their morality has mostly been influenced by Western culture.If the younger people of Iran continue to think and behave as they do now, there might be a power shift in the future.Iran’s laws closely follow edicts given by strict Muslim clerics who took over the country in 1979.However, before the Shah was removed from power, Iranian culture was quite progressive and Westernized.

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About 60 percent of the Iranian population is under age 40, making the youth of Iran an influential force now and in the future.

For years, Iranian authorities refused to do anything about their country’s drinking problem and tried to cover it up instead.

As a result, the problem became worse because many alcoholics couldn’t find treatment.

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