Jon gosselin dating deanna hummel

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Jason, who lives with Deanna, reveals that Jon and Deanna "pretty much stay locked away..two teenagers. He's a grown man." The other woman's brother also adds, "A lot of the time, it was pretty, um, gross listening to her, you know, um -- how do I say this? Ick." Both Hummel and Gosselin vehemently deny the claims of a romance -- and Deanna tells People magazine that she's sickened by her brother's story.

According to TLC president, Eileen O’Neill, the network will stop airing the show until Aug.

Jon Gosselin was in third grade when he was 8 years old... Deanna Hummel is a 23 year old elementary school teacher that has been linked with Jon Gosselin.

It unlikely Deanna Hummel was even born when Jon Gosselin was in third grade. The greeting goes back to the 19th Century and a cantankerous water carrier called Johann Wilhelm Bentz, known as Hans Hummel (born 21 January 1787, died 15 March…

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“It’s hard to walk away from a big number,” O’Neill said, referring to Monday’s record 10.6 million viewers.This photo seems to be in poor taste as a lot of cheating allegations have been leveled against him lately.There are lots of rumors that their marriage is all but over.Deanna was seen leaving a bar with Jon Gosselin at in the morning in March 2009. Jon concedes he made poor decisions, but adamently states he did not cheat on his wife.The book that Matt tought Atten to read from is called Robinson Crusoe,writen by Deanna Mc Fadden. but the treaty said that Matt will teach Attean how to read an d Attean will bring Matt food.

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