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Linux is increasingly popular in the computer networking/telecommunications industry.

Acquiring the Linux operating system is a relatively simple and inexpensive task since virtually all of the source code can be downloaded from several different FTP or HTTP sites on the Internet.

the free FTP or HTTP versions) since valuable technical support is included directly from the Red Hat Linux engineers for at least a year.

This can be very helpful if, for instance, you can not resolve an installation/configuration problem after consulting the Red Hat Linux manuals.

The retail brand is indeed a worthwhile investment (vs.

The size of your LAN depends on which reserved address range you use and the subnet mask (explained later in the article) associated with that range (see Table 1.).

Network and broadcast addresses Another important aspect of building a LAN is that the addresses at the two extreme ends of the address range are reserved for use as the LAN's network address and broadcast address.

The zero at the end of the subnet mask represents a unique host within that network.

Domain name The , is a unique name followed by a standard Internet suffixes such as .com, .org, .mil, .net, etc.

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