Lon mccallister dating spinning chair dating show

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“Internationally famous still photographer Peter Basch, visiting here briefly to shoot movie town’s beauties, has a date for a sitting with the red-haired actress, which she plans to keep.

It couldn’t be determined just where the pictures will be shot.

Brinkman's suit declares her to be an "unfit and improper person" and he therefore seeks custody of their four children. in Los Angeles Superior Court, she claims she kissed Rhoads "just once" - on his birthday, when his wife Hilda and her husband were present - and was alone with him just twice in a North Hollywood apartment.

But she says she "certainly did not" ever engage in misconduct with the neighbor, as alleged by her husband claiming they just met to talk and to help Rhoads through a "drinking spell." She confirms she kept news of both visits from her husband until "several weeks later he accused me of being there for the wrong purpose." is granted an interlocutory divorce decree from Brinkman in Los Angeles on testimony he "humiliated" her.

"I can't go to all of them, of course, so I try to make the ones that sound like the most fun." aboard Varig's Super Constellation, she and Brinkman are off to a publicity tour of the Dominican Republic.

They are the guests of Flor d'Oro Trujillo, the dictator's daughter, who hosts the reception at the Hotel Jaragua in Cuidad Trujillo.

She was introduced to him by his brother, singer-comedian Dennis Day.

Parsons reports that "you could have cut the air with an ice pick when Paul Brooks walked into Somerset House with Jane Greer on his arm and spotted Jeanne Crain with Henry King, Jr.

she and Brinkman are reported "still shivery about the river accident in which an assistant director, Tony Kelly, was drowned while making Duel in the Jungle in Africa."They got all gussied up for the Academy doings to accept the gold statues for Susan Hayward and Marlon Brando had the voting gone that way.’And not a single TV camera caught us during the entire evening,' they ailed." columnist Erskine Johnson reports that her long feud with fellow 20th Century-Fox actress June Haver ended with June's retirement to become a Sister of Charity.However, it’s unlikely that it will be the actress’ new Beverly Hills home, where she and Brinkman were moving into at the time of their break-up.An extensive redecorating job was to be done on the house before they were to move in.

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