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Some people will tell you women like being chatted up on the street or at a bus stop. Trying to score with women anywhere other than clearly designated and appropriate venues like bars, clubs, and singles nights will get you into bother.Pester women on the street or on public transport and you’ll be guilty of sexual harassment.Taking turns buying rounds isn’t exactly rocket science.If you become accustomed to dating and do it often – one of my friends tries to go on one a week during peak ‘dating season’ (but many of you may do so less frequently) – no matter whether you’ve embarked on three or 300, you’ll likely have a predetermined selection of date venues.It takes five seconds to send a text along the lines of, ‘Not feeling a spark, nice meeting you, bye’.Sure, women don’t owe men anything but for both sides, no matter who’s doing the ghosting, it’d just be nice if we were all a bit more civil.

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The qualm I have with this is the frivolous nature of how it happens.

So don’t be an idiot and keep things civil and location-appropriate.

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Obviously if the date’s a disaster then it’s totally, 100% your fault anyway.

Don’t ever expect to just meet someone on the street or in the pub. Unless you’re starring in a Richard Curtis rom com.

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