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The population of the ethnic group of the Mosuo is 30.000.They have their own distinct language, but no script.In our case Nancy retained her name so, something like "I now present to you our newlyweds, Ms. I received six different aprons, all beautifully decorated and all decidedly feminine. This was quite appropriate to a man who was to have a decidedly domestic focus after marriage.I opened these gifts and tried all of them on during our reception and then danced with the bridesmaid who presented it.They have their own native Daba religion and some are adherence to Tibetan Lamaism.The highest elevation of the area they inhabit is 3.200 meters and the lowest 800 meters.Consider having a female minister preside at the wedding ceremony.We find that female ministers are helpful with structuring wedding vows; some male ministers have been reluctant to depart from “tradition.”Have the minister present the married couple with her name first, using whatever name or names the couple will use. Another thing we recommend, which also comes from our wedding, is the giving of aprons to the groom.

Exceptional misbehavior was punished with chastity. Chastity devices proclaimed to the world: here is a disobedient man.

An apron is a gift that speaks volumes about the couple’s anticipated life after marriage and in giving me an apron each bridesmaid recognized my role.

Incidentally, Nancy's bridesmaids were all feminists like Nancy and me; these women rarely wore an apron for any reason, although I’m sure their men did!

I still have that apron and the other wedding aprons, although, in the interest of preserving them, I don't use them as frequently as I did earlier in our marriage.

If he is taking her name in marriage, something that, unfortunately, can still be controversial, a couple will want to make sure everyone present is aware of the couple’s intentions.

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