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Our goal is to help single men across the globe find Russian and Ukrainian women.We help foster strong friendships between like-minded individuals that just might turn into something more.Hey everyone, and a special thanks to @chrismessina for hunting us! If any of these have happened to you, we hope you try spinning the bottle!🎉 Introducing Spottle - the live video dating app that lets you video chat, flirt, and meet new people in real time! Back in 2016, we released the first version called Spin the Bottle, and we’ve spent the last few months rebuilding and redesigning from the ground up. If the camera isn’t on you or your date’s face, no date for you!We’re excited to be back on Product Hunt and hope you’ll try giving it a spin! • Play spin the bottle with people nearby • Meet for a 30 second video chat • Kiss each other and it’s a match! • Break the ice with fun questions covering everything from food to pop culture • Up your spin game with bonus features such as Direct Hit (you choose where the bottle lands) Spottle is now available for download on the App Store, let us know what you think! Great idea, will be forwarding it to my single friends :).As a designer, have to point out that a lot of your assets are low resolution (I'm on a mbp 13" retina).As one of the best online dating sites available, we even offer dating coaching to help men meet and communicate with ladies in other countries.

That's why I would like to know if do you have users (especially I'm interested in girls) from Asia?

Register now Simply Dating offers a wide variety of services to help you connect with and meet single ladies from Russia and Ukraine.

These services range from initial introductions, translated messages and convenient online chat all the way to assisting with gift giving and travel arrangements.

Some also suspect that the video was scripted and doesn't represent an authentic experience with using the app.

A representative for Tinder directed Buzz Feed News to a statement Mckeen made and then pinned to the top of her video claiming the video was "controlled" and therefore "safe" — and that the Tinder matches in the video were not hired actors.

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