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When I began asking my colleagues, nearly every woman said yes. Of course, not every woman experiences self-doubt on Slack.

And many men doubt themselves, too—on Slack and in real life.

She texted Jackson from her dad's phone, writing: "Please don't text the phone anymore. And don't text this phone back either." The person whom she thought was Jackson initially appeared to be on her side, texting back: "Don't worry about him Dee. Anytime you need someone to talk to I'll be there." Clearly pretty gutted about how things had turned out, Dee went on to admit she was a "f***ing mess", adding: "I seriously don't know what to do." She refused any offers of help, explaining "the damage is done" and telling how Kevin had got hold of all their messages and was "posting them and sending them to his friends". Let's hope Dee takes their advice and treats her next fella with a bit more respect.

Last week we told how a pregnant mum who was fed up of sex noises from the flat above was devastated to find it was her FIANCE bedding other women… It turns out the love rat is now wanted by the police for stealing cars.

Linguists from George Lakoff’s tradition were arguing those from Noam Chomsky’s over who laid claim to cognitive linguistics. Linguistics is a long-polarized discipline, and there were women in both camps.“However, it was almost entirely men engaging,” says Herring.

“The only women participating were the former president of the association, and a high-status textbook author.”Herring wanted to know why women held back.

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Here at Quartz, the workplace messaging app is ubiquitous.In this case it was Dee who'd done the dirty on Kevin, and unsurprisingly he did not react well when he found out. This is my fault." It was at that point the stranger began to dish out some harsh reality. And if you truly devoted everything to him you wouldn't of got involved with me (sic)." Ouch.Distraught, Dee turned to her bit-on-the-side, Jackson, for a shoulder to cry on. Though the stranger remained positive and encouraged Dee to try to make amends, adding: "You still might be able to fix it.“The internet, and discussion groups, were very young.”Despite the utopian hopes for digital discourse, rancor and gender divisions seemed to thrive in the online discussions she followed.One debate, which went on for three months, especially caught her eye.

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