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Over the course of this ebook, you will learn how to: Most of your sales will happen over time and over several channels.

See which channels you should focus on and how they can work together to turn website visitors into potential customers.

If they all run completely different campaigns, your customers may see them as several different products instead of a single product advertised across several channels. Customers who see your campaign should go “Oh, I saw that already in TV/email/catalogue” when spotting your website advertisement.

Score a couple of ‘Ohs’ like that and you will get a sale.

To get your very own multi-channel marketing strategy started, you should keep in mind that there are a few requirements and conditions you need to fulfill to make it a success.Jacob writes reports, blog posts and other pieces of content to help businesses offer better support and sales services.Over the years, he prepared over 140 self-service knowledge base articles.In this chapter, you will learn what is multi-channel marketing, how you can get your own multi-channel marketing strategy started and how different channels can work together.Multi-channel marketing is a marketing strategy based around the idea that customers are more likely to buy when they can use their favourite channel.

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