My neighbours are intimidating

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Whether it's your starter home or the dream home you plan to stay in forever, you want your house to be a peaceful refuge where you can retreat at the end of the day.A bully neighbor can rob you of that relaxing feeling and turn your neighborhood into a nightmare.Write down the dates and times of all incidents involving the neighbor.

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This may mean, as it does in our case, that the calmer person (if you live with other people like roommates or a spouse) will be elected to deal with the matter, even though you may be chomping at the bit to give your neighbor a piece of your mind.

Due to this, we’re going to be looking into getting a designated accessible spot marked by the city to ensure we don’t have an ongoing problem of this kind.

And when the city repairs the streetlight, we’ll be toning down our lighting a wee bit as well.

It’s also helpful to know your rights as they apply to your property and your local zoning codes and ordinances to help alleviate any further discrepancies between yourself and your neighbors, and your police department can help clarify those for you.

Part of our concern was for the safety of our children as we take them to and from the car — we had to park pretty far up the block due to bus stops and fire hydrants — and since our son has special needs, it’s quite a daunting task for both of us to handle, never mind just one of us as it will be once school starts again.

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