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When that happens, they can relate to the people around them with no filter and experience the world how we’re supposed to experience it—in its most pure form, which I believe is love.” Julianne recently got a crash course in the whole “no filter” thing in a different way, posing for the cover of this Naked Strength issue.

“I didn’t want to do a demure shoot where I was trying to cover my body,” she says.

“I wanted to do something where I was free.” Though the For Julianne, that unabashed body love has, at times, been hard-earned.

Back in 2008, following a diagnosis of endometriosis—a condition in which the tissue lining the uterus (the endometrium) forms outside of it, causing severe pelvic pain during menstruation and sex—Julianne grappled with feelings of insecurity.

Only after accepting her endo as part of her was she able to see it in a new light.

“I feel I’ve created a more peaceful and harmonious relationship with it.”Acknowledging the aspects of her condition that may be out of her control (like getting pregnant, as almost 40 percent of women with endometriosis struggle with infertility, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) has also been a challenge.

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Marriage was her big happy ending, she thought, but then she realized she wanted more. That purpose, it turns out, is helping lift others up through dance. Expanding her reach—with plans for both a studio in Los Angeles and global events in which participants around the world will dance simultaneously—meant the practice had to be more accessible.

Her original idea for Kinrgy was straightforward: to create a class or app that would be like the Soul Cycle of dance. Designed for nondancers, the 45-minute method isn’t about perfecting the choreography—which does include moves such as “sexy lunges” and –like hip thrusts—but instead, moving in a way that’s nurturing to each individual.

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