Openly dating married woman

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If you hadn’t been on the scene she might have tried harder, but your entering into the equation has definitely complicated things.Married women have a history While most individuals who have had one or more relationships, have a past, with a married woman it is a little more complex.She may become bitter and disillusioned with married life and she longs for a breath of fresh air – a change from the routine – and from that stems the need to indulge in a fling.But this may be just a temporary distraction and she may never intend for it to be more than a passing fancy.

You have to be ready to deal with the repercussions of it. You might console yourself by saying that your married lover and her husband already had problems before you came on the scene, but you must take responsibility for your actions and the role you have played in causing a deeper rift.If the marriage was already dying a natural death, or she was virtually separated from her husband, and things go well, you may both decide to make things permanent.If there are kids involved, carefully consider all the implications.You will have to shoulder the responsibility of being a surrogate father in addition to coping with the relationship with your lover/new wife.If the kids are older you will have to probably maintain a fine balance between being a friend and a role mode to theml.

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