Outlook updating inbox 0 b

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If the field on the left is a text field, the colors will show.

You can download Windows Live Mail from the Windows Live Mail website. Microsoft Live Mail doesn't replace the Vista Mail you have now; it just gives you a (hopefully) better program to view the same e-mails with.

Visit Stack Exchange Well this was a very well known issue as the title explains but in my case, the "updating inbox 3.99GB" keeps on repeating to the same state.

No new mail activities or even download progress on Inbox, but the other folders at least updating upon selecting.

You're upgrading the program you use to view the emails, not the email account(s) you use.

I just did the installation on my pc and I was able to see all of my old Hotmail emails. Val Here is the information from Windows explaining the different email programs they have available: Windows Mail is the mail program included in Windows Vista.

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