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I have grown to love Amino and it is my first favorite app.

I'm a leader on multiple communities on Amino and I just wanted to give some insider advice.

My 12 year old son enjoyed chatting with others who he thought enjoyed similar interests and writing stories was slowly introduced to role play chats that moved into mature language and sexual content and was told to lie about his age and to hide this from his parents.

Obviously, this app is not safely monitored for children.

(That's just one experience I had with a big time amino addict.) Overall, Amino encourages addiction to it, to the point where in some cases you lose touch with the real world.

What I think about this Amino is that it is a harmless , and I even have it myself.

We do our best to educate and monitor their internet actions but I learned how easy it is for good kids to be targeted and slowly sucked into participating in a way that is not of their usual is coming from a kid and I dont care if im the only one telling the truth. im not saying all are bad but in the majority there is a lot of sexual content, swearing, and violance. it will tear them down and make then frell completly useless.

I am an artist and i have met amazng people on the art amino but there are also A LOT of people who dicaurge you.

If your child or teenager has a sexual conversation online, you cannot blame the app.

When I used to talk to them, they were on it all day and night, addicted to it, becoming irrational whenever someone took it away from them.

They would gain a new " hubby" each week who was really just a stranger on the internet, and could interact with those strangers a lot better then they would real people.

i have been in many chats with kids under the age of 14 and ive had to talk to them and tell them that they are not useless and that people love them when i don´t even know them.

this app hurt people and is not ment for the light hearted kids that are in it.

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