Play count not updating itunes 11

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i Tunes is supposed to keep track of the songs you play on both your computer and on your i Pod. Unfortunately, this feature seems to break early and often for a lot of people: songs played using i Tunes on your computer will update their “last played” dates and “play count” totals, but songs played on the i Pod simply do not. Every version of i Tunes seems affected, although version 10.x seems worse than others. It can happen on any model i Pod, although Nanos and Touches seem to be the most affected. I haven't verified that there's absolutely no data loss with this method, but my library appeared fully intact when I tested it with i Tunes 11 on OS X 10.8. Itunes will ask you which Itunes library you want to open, click “Choose Library”, then click the folder “Previous Itunes Libraries”.Within that folder you will find a number of old ITL files (ITL stands for Itunes Library File, these files contain metadata like playcount etc.), choose the one with the date before you updated your Itunes to version 11 (in my case the name of the file was “i Tunes Library 2012-12-02”). It can also hook you up with other users who have similar music tastes, and you can see what music they listen to. And such playlists are dynamic, so they automatically update themselves as time passes. If i Tunes isn’t updating the play counts on songs from your i Pod, then this feature doesn’t work, either! Well, Internet Tough Guy™, I can give you good reasons why people care about play counts. It’s a website that keeps track of which songs you play, and offers streaming radio stations based on that info. The whole thing stops working if play counts aren’t updated. i Tunes has a nifty feature where you can create a playlist consisting of (for instance) “every song I’ve added to my library in the past 60 days and played more than three times in the last 30 days”.

I have an album in My Music, so the plays should be syncing, but the play count is not being effected by music played on my phone.Whenever you play a song in i Tunes, the program keeps track of the number of times the song has completed playing, how many times it is skipped, and when these events occurred.This information is stored in the library and used to help determine how to build automatic playlists from the songs you prefer, among other functions.The play count for my songs don’t update when I play from my i Phone (it still updates when I play from my Mac) and I’ve scoured the internet already for answers but they only address when the count doesn’t update from Mac.i Tunes 11 is the latest version of Apple's music player and management software, but if you have upgraded your i Tunes installation to this latest version you may find that some of the statistics regarding your library are not being updated.

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