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Gablinger developed low-alcohol lager and Chux sold the first disposable nappies.Or perhaps you should not, because none of these companies made a commercial success of their innovations. Alternatively they can attempt to improve product quality and to add new features, sizes or models' or simply to introduce periodic stylistic modifications.

The company was first into the photocopier market and, even if its dominance was ultimately challenged by Canon, it remains a large and successful company today. is the set of all the product lines and items offered by a company. are cheap and simple "low involvement" products which people with unique characteristics that informed consumers have to go to a particular store to buy. Consumers must be made aware of the product’s existence and persuaded to buy it. , following a product’s launch, generally involves slow growth. There are probably no profits at this stage because of the heavy advertising, distribution and sales promotions expenses involved in introducing a product onto the market. A product enters when it begins to be replaced by new ones, due to advances in technology, or to changes in fashions and tastes. They can also modify the other elements of the marketing mix, and cut prices' increase advertising, undertake aggressive sales promotions' seek new distribution channels' and so on, although here additional sales generally come at the cost of reduced profits.

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