Power off while updating pc

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Now click on Change plan settings for the selected plan.In the now opened window you are able to change the values for Turn off the display:. Test to see if this resolves the issue, if not move to Solution 2.Note the version of Windows 10 I am using is the normal version you get with the free upgrade. Windows 10 10240 Since the middle of November the only Windows Updates that have downloaded are Security Update for Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Silverlight, Malicious Software Removal Tool and Update for Windows 8.1 forx64-based Systems... Before the last 2 updates, my system, with a 512GB SSD would shut down in 4 to 5 seconds.Since the last 2 updates, it has gone from a very fast 5 seconds to about 15 to 20 seconds. Eset is consistently showing many Recommended Updates pending to be installed.

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If you experience lost USB connections or power from a USB port to your auxiliary device, try the steps above then idle the device and wait for a few minutes to confirm that the problem has gone away.

Despite setting Windows to never turn off the computer screen or only dim after an hour or more, users still experience a black screen after the initial 10 minutes or so.

In this guide I will tell you what may be the cause and how to resolve this issue.

Almost all Windows users use "Windows Updates" to download and install automatic updates for Windows released by Microsoft.

These updates fix security issues and improve stability and performance of your computer so its always advised to install all Windows updates regularly.

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