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The ‘zeroing’ can be performed manually, by eseutil, or automatically, during online backup.For Exchange online backup is controlled by the following Registry key.The following example prints the database header of a Windows Vista Search (Windows.edb). Database: File Type: Database Format ul Magic: 0x89abcdef Engine ul Magic: 0x89abcdef Format ul Version: 0x620,12 Engine ul Version: 0x620,12 Created ul Version: 0x620,12 Sometimes you can come across a ‘dirty’ database. The following information in the header information will indicate if an ESE database is considered ‘dirty’.Repairing an ESE database will alter the database file, but might be necessary for tools that cannot open ‘dirty’ databases.

One is the integration of Windows (Desktop) Search into the operating system.

Sometimes it is also necessary repair before eseutil can perform certain operations on ‘dirty’ databases. Libesedb [ESEDB09] will try to open the database in its ‘dirty’ state. Page based storage At the lowest level an ESE database stores its data in pages.

The size of the pages is stored in the database header and is applied to the entire database.

It actually can be challenging to disable it so one can conclude that Windows Search is becoming a relevant source of information in forensic analysis of Windows systems.

What is not widely known is that Windows Search uses the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) to store its data.

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