Qatar and nepal dating

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“There are many Nepali workers who have worked for the company, from two years to as long as 15 years.Their dues are huge, which the company has said cannot be cleared at once,” said Gyanwali."There have been some changes in Qatar concerning the situation of migrant workers.But the conditions I saw in Qatar were very bad and were slave-like conditions.No salary, confiscated passports, hardly any food,” he said.

What I found speaks for itself," Best, the WDR journalist, told the Post in an email from Munich.In March, after four months without money, we stopped working,” Gurung says in the video.When they kept demanding their salaries, says Gurung, the employer refused to pay them and asked the workers to switch to another company. Gurung has not been able to send back any money to his wife and two kids, who are now facing difficulties without steady remittance.“While the workers are demanding clearance of all dues, the company says it will await the labour court’s decision,” said Gyanwali.Gyanwali, however, said that many workers had already returned to Nepal after the company provided them with an air ticket and some money.

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