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If you see something you like, but don’t want to carry it to and from the city center, you can always stop at the market on your way back to the airport. To really experience the market, allow at least an hour.If you’re curious about the area’s naval history, you can check out the Naval Museum of Quebec, which is along the waterfront.From either museum, you can then continue south along Rue Dalhousie past Belvedere de l’Artefact and Place des Canotiers until you reach Rue du Marche Finlay.With more than 100 vendors, the New Grand Market is an ideal place to start your day. By making the market your first stop, you’ll be able to get a feel for the pulse of Quebec City.Vendors from around Quebec sell different meats, fish, cheeses, pastries, and seasonal produce as well as processed foods like jams, maple butters, berry-infused vinagrettes, etc. The first floor has a seating area, a family zone for children (which offers different activities throughout the year) as well as a market restaurant with an ever-changing menu of seasonal items from the region.

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