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for anybody that grew up in the 90s, “Ross and Rachel” actually became a phrase used to describe people who were engaged in a long-term off again on again relationship.

You know who we’re talking about, the couple that are absolutely terrible together, fight the entire time, and ruin the night out for everyone...

Ross spends every waking moment harassing his girlfriend about work and Mark, until inevitably, Rachel wants to take that infamous “break.” Poor Ross, you’d think he’d be smart enough to forsee this, but apparently, a Ph. in paleontology doesn’t guarantee you common sense.

Unbeknownst to everyone except, of course, Ross, who is witness to his outbursts when no one else is around.

Let’s just ignore the awkwardness of everything else… ” At Rachel’s behest, Ross attempts to bond with Chandler in the same way, only to have Chandler over-sharing, saying that he pictures his mother, leaving Ross with the same problem. When Mark meets Rachel at a diner where she is bemoaning her current work situation, he tells her he could get her a job in Bloomingdales.

Often times, it has raised a few eyebrows, failing to make sense and causing fans to question not only the relationship itself, but some of the plot points surrounding it.

Taking place after the “break” fiasco, all the friends assume he’s just being jealous when he earnestly tells them, until an outburst at the chick and the duck reveal Tommy’s true colors. When all the friends go on a trip to Las Vegas, Ross and Rachel fly out together.

Feeling mischievous, Ross draws a fake mustache on Rachel’s face while she sleeps on the plane.

While working for the same tailor that gave Ross one of his future ex-wives Emily, Rachel developed a serious crush on Joshua, one of her regular clients.

Now, as we mentioned, Ross still loved her and she him, which makes her decision to actively pursue him even more mind-boggling. After “accidentally” proposing to her after she just gave birth (she said yes), the two begin an intense if awkward romance together.

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