Ranbir dating katrina

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Also read a special feature – when Ranbir and Katrina have all perks available on bed, why to get married?Katrina Kaif found sleeping with Ranbir Kapoor (photos), Hansika Motwani’s best ever skin show (steamy photos), Sonam Kapoor’s best cleavage moments (steamy pictures), Deepika Padukone’s bra show (hot pictures) and Nargis Fakhri’s most stunning photoshoot photos.So, if we see closely, it is a dysfunctional family.A loop or a pattern, which is going on and on….unless one generation realises that there is a problem and it needs to be addressed, this will continue. He grew up dealing with an alcoholic father and repeated fights between his parents.He has been vocal about his difficult relationship with his father.

I understand Alia is not liking it, but she is actually showing off too much, going over the board to impress.During his growing up years Rishi Kapoor kept hearing stories about his father having multiple relationships- Nargis and many other actresses.It must have been tough for him, but seeing his mother at home taking care of the family, as his father flirts around became an acceptable thing for Rishi Kapoor.It’s odd how she is interacting so much with Ranbir's family, may be more than Ranbir himself. Whereas Ranbir, who doesn't mind betraying his partners , will keep posing shy and restrained.I feel, this relationship has two people who need to heal their childhood traumas first, before they enter into any relationship.

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