Scams letters from dating

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They are the same as if you discovered a consumer fraud in a store in your town.

It is a corporate scam, not something an individual could operate on his own.Don’t feel ashamed, many smart men before you got caught in the same webs. My job is to teach men and women how to build happy relationships; I find it much more satisfying than chasing scammers.These scammers are professional criminals and the whole structure is very well organized. If I wanted to chase scammers, I would be working as a detective or federal agent. Let’s get to the juicy part of scammer-chasing, shall we?Some poor guy in Panama with no assets or income is an owner of several hundreds of such enterprises with dubious past and present, which just close one domain name in case of a problem and open another.They even have your email address and all the data to immediately start marketing to you again!

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