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It serves students with conditions that are often too difficult for public schools to address.

But in a report out Monday, the Boston-based Disability Law Center found that the school has failed to prevent students from trying to harm themselves and from fleeing campus.

This time out we learn about teen girls who trap their teachers into sex, young couples exploring each others bodies, how young should a girl start and various other topics.

If you're actually looking for some sort of documentary on female sexuality then just walk right pass this one because the only reason for this film is the nudity.

10 vignettes about scandalous behavior of horny German schoolgirls.

First, a strict, conservative teacher is lured by three of his beautiful, nubile young female students into a compromising situation with tragic results.

The film starts to drag towards the end but if you don't mind a lot of nudity and don't take the film too seriously then it remains entertaining.

Problems, per the DLC, like: failing to prevent student suicide attempts and cutting; inadequately supervising students, leading to repeat runaways from campus; failing to properly investigate cases of bullying; as well as verbal and emotional abuse by some staff.(Jesse Costa/WBUR)A new report issued by a nonprofit group responsible for protecting the rights of people with disabilities has outlined neglect and abuse of special needs students at a residential school in Middleborough.The Chamberlain International School is one of 56 residential special education schools in the state.See full summary » A group of young co-eds who are away from home at boarding school share intimate stories about their "first-time" in a revealing session of show and tell. See full summary » Schoolgirl Report 9 revolves around two carloads of kids who've just left a drinking party, engage in a high-speed race and predictably have a wreck. See full synopsis » This chapter in the Schoolgirl Report series revolves around a "morality class" at a girls' school, in which a number of the students' experiences factor into the lessons to be learned....See full synopsis » A bunch of lovely teenage schoolgirls work at a secret brothel where they have sex with high paying older men.

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