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With the help of screencasting tools, you can record video streams from your desktop, webcam, and other devices.

Some advanced screen recorders let your live stream your recording to platforms like You Tube, Twitch, Mixer, etc.

Game DVR has been designed for recording games in Windows 10 for up to four hours. Still, it may be better than paying for some screen capture tool.

But you can also use this free screen recorder to capture clips of apps. Open Broadcaster Software, as the name suggests is an open source software.

ne or the other day you might have wanted to use a screen recorder on your computer.

Maybe for some video tutorial you had to make, some school project, or just to record what’s happening on the desktop.

You can use the Studio mode to add various like images and text during a live recording.

It comes with a UI that can deliver a great experience even for the first-timers.

Other than its simple to use interface, what’s great about Flash Back Express is that there is no limit on video recording or a watermark.

So, what are some of the best screen recorder software you can try on your computer running Windows?

We have already told you about screen recorder apps for Android.

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