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All that happens when we judge ourselves is we feel badly. By Aug-26: Do I Have To Be Healed To Attract My Beloved?Aug-19: Why You Might Afraid to Be Open With Your Partner or Others Aug-12: 2 Secrets to Peace, Joy and Keeping Your Frequency High Aug-05: Obsessing, Ruminating, Worrying... Self-judgment is the way the wounded self tries to control us into doing what we "should" do, what is "right".Level 1 Be Present To be mindful of your emotions without pushing them away is consistent with Linehan’s first level of validation, to be present.To be present also means to ground yourself and not dissociate, daydream, suppress or numb your emotions. Feeling the pain of sadness, hurt, and fear is most challenging and difficult.

However, believing we can control others' feelings is an illusion.

But as much as you may succeed in getting others to approve of you, as long as you are judging yourself you will continue to feel badly about yourself.

All feelings are informational, letting you know when you are abandoning yourself with your self-judgments and various addictions, and when others are being uncaring toward you and disconnected from you.

Self-validation means you can accept your internal experience as understandable and acceptable. How do you apply the six levels of validation to self-validation?

Notice that mindfulness and self-validation go hand in hand.

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