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Following are some of the primary reasons couples and individuals chose to select the sex of their child.

There are ethical issues one must address in considering sex selection, and we help our patients with these issues.

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As pioneers in reproductive medicine, we are acutely aware that infertility and its treatment are highly personal, often sensitive issues involving difficult decisions.

These involve concerns that gender selection is a form of gender discrimination and that sex selection is the thin end of a wedge toward choosing genetic traits, such as height and eye color, resulting in “designer babies.” Whatever the reasons our patients have for sex selection, SMFI will work with each couple and patient to assist them in building the family they want.

We believe that sex selection is a great benefit for many parents. It is not unusual for a couple to start out wanting to select the sex of their child and then change their minds.

We understand all the aspects of this issue, as well as all the medical elements involved.In his factory, Thevis manufactured a new machine that was taking the sex industry by storm.It was like a jukebox for porn, with an 8mm projector that played a 15-second loop of erotic film.Selecting an embryo of a certain sex, boy or girl, to implant in the mother’s womb for pregnancy is called sex selection or gender selection. The gender identification success rate is over 95 percent.Servy Massey Fertility Institute (SMFI) offers sex selection for couples that desire a child of a certain gender.

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