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Eg: Motion activated recording, automatic cloud uploads, live view from cellphone/tablet, automatic alerts, etc.As far as legalities you can go to to ask a licensed attorney who practices law in your state any questions you want for free. Don't you think if you go too high quality it will backfire on you should you have to use it as evidence?What sort of camera would you suggest setting up to record things in the bedroom?I've tried looking around a bit and it's hard to find one that has...I'd also want it to be unobtrusive and not obvious.Sure there are some tech guys in the forum who could spec that out.

That's a steal compared to having to pay a lawyer 0 an hour to defend you from false accusations.You and I will look great on film, I'm sure." Not only do you gain consent but you get their best performance because they know they are being recorded and every modern day woman is a closet porn star nowadays.Barbarian Brad: Joined a month ago, free membership, has made only one previous post before beginning his own thread, has only liked one post ever, second post is his own thread insinuating illegal video recording of sex partners. Real players tell girls"I would love to have our interaction recorded for prosperity, after all I like porn I just don't like watching other people in as not to break the mood Most cameras seem to only have 2 of those qualities.Finding ones that do audio at the same time seem especially hard, but I figure at least one guy on the forum has something that works.

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