Signs of red flags dating someone

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The last sociopath I dated told me on the first date exactly who he was, my inner voice showed me the moment over and over again, but being enamored as I was, I put it aside for later review because it wasn’t a Danger Zone flag.

These are the things to look out for in the danger zone.

Sure as hell backfired on her when I agreed for once.I love her, but it's pretty fucked up I can't really enjoy time I spend away from her because I know she is at home being all miserable.I had the same situation once, again thinking it was a reasonable request, and refused to understand when I pointed out that she's had sex with exs on her bed also.So many people don’t have access to the information or assistance that they need to find positive coping strategies.Some ways of coping are negotiable and others are flat out deal breakers.

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