Single muslim women for dating

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I don’t wear a hijab, which is the most visible marker of Islam.

I also have piercings—septum, tragus and tongue—and several tattoos, even though body modification, with the exception of beautification, is frowned upon in Islam.

In June 2010, a survey showed that when asked to state a preference, over one third of the website's users look primarily for evidence of piety and religious compatibly when looking for an ideal marriage partner.

The survey concluded that more than 65 percent of members would prefer their ideal marriage partner to come from the same country as them.

Perhaps he expected me to be flattered, but I wasn’t.

While he waited for a response—expecting, perhaps, a favourable one—I sat with my mouth slightly ajar, willing my words to come.

More than 500 new user accounts are registered every day.

As of August 2010, there were over registered 500,000 members, which rose to 600,000 members in January 2011.

In Arabic, these values are encapsulated by the terms , which refer to specific beliefs, behaviours, and actions that prioritize decorum, decency and morality.

These weren’t hypothetical concepts for me; growing up, I witnessed my parents treat each other with kindness, taking care of each other with words and actions.

Gold Membership entitles users full access to all the services offered by the website.

Women are offered Gold Membership free of charge, whereas men are required to pay for Gold Membership packages on a reoccurring subscription.

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