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Dylan is faced with the impossible decision between a fresh start with the love of his life or staying behind with his inseparable gang of mates that he can’t live without.

This gang includes: Cardi (Tom Hanson), champion kebab eater and total liability; Ash (Aaron Heffernan), the son of a family of fighting Travellers whose fists can get them out of most kinds of trouble; Tommo (Ryan Sampson), the most sexually liberated man in Britain who doesn’t care what people think; and JJ (Parth Thakerar), a sharp entrepreneur who runs a garage (with a lucrative sideline in stolen cars).

"Veering between hilarious comedy and heartfelt emotion, Brassic is about irreplaceable, lifelong friends, loyalty and the things that come between them."Brassic will start on TV on Thursday, August 22 on Sky One.

You'll also be able to watch and stream all episodes of series online with NOW TV. Speaking ahead of the show's launch, co-creator Joe Gilgun said: “I'm truly humbled by the opportunity.

The couples, who are all at the stage of their relationships where they have to decide whether to commit to each other for the rest of their lives or go their separate ways, move to an exotic island alongside a group of singletons.

The couples are whisked to Hawaii where they are given a taste of the single life among 24 singletons in order to test their commitment to one another.

Brassic is described as "an edgy new original comedy", airing on Sky One and online NOW TV.

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While Love Island focuses on pairing up singletons, Temptation Island follows four couples who are already dating as they test the strength of their relationships.

An interesting twist was that many of the shows were themed, such as three horseriding girls (in full horsy get-up) would meet three fishermen clad in waders. Bonus marks are awarded for some slick, fun hosting by both Brookes and Brumby.

If you like your relationship game shows with a bit more meat on them than Blind Date and its clones, this was the show for you. Simon Etchell Zoe Ball was a researcher on the show.

We've got an amazing team of creators and watching it all take form has been very moving. We want to show that you can have mental health issues and in some cases live a productive, exciting life, full of adventure."Our writer Danny Brocklehurst and my friend David Quayle have been invaluable in taking this journey with me.

Embrace who you are, decide what to be and go be it.”Danny Brocklehurst, co-creator & writer, added: “I couldn't be more thrilled to be making Brassic with Sky One.

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