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The shield of the PL-259 had a wire soldered and I attached that to a jumper connected to the frame of my car for a counterpoise.

The mast was supported by zip-ties attached to the wheel of my car. So what I did was place my amp on the hood of my car, plug my 1:1 balun (unun?

The K3 should work on the KX3 settings, though I will add explicit support for the K3 soon.

The Kenwood TS-590 is high on my list as well for CW and digital voice. I was at the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park in Chillicothe, Ohio.

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The antenna was a 35ft wire soldered to the center of a PL-259, taped to the side of a 40ft fiberglass mast from Spiderbeam.

Most project managers will state loudly their agreement with this thesis…

yet in the press of action, it’s amazing how many jump right to execution, either skipping planning entirely or paying it mere lip service.

Right now the only contest module I have available is the Ohio State Parks On the Air 2016. I may release the Ohio QSO Party 2016 module in the next week. The biggest improvement is that the rest of the contest modules will be much easier to write and maintain going forward. I had texted my friend Denny (KC8RPV) to find me a nice quiet frequency on 40m while I got setup.

When everything was ready, I called and he replied.

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