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The tales of Tall Barney's exploits are celebrated in innumerable books and magazine and newspaper articles.

Richard Dorson of Indiana University, in his book Buying the Wind: Regional Folklore in the United States, likens Tall Barney to Beowulf, Hercules.

Our two speedsters (RP2 Margarito Barerras and CM2 Jeremiah Freye) finished in just under at .

Overall it was a good day of running and I think I may have convinced a couple of people to come run in Key West next year.

He did not buy it and went to get the approval of the gentlemen in charge of all Kuwait bases.

He disapproved it so I was directed not to have it.

I dutifully wrote a quick memo and went to see the Colonel and tried to explain this was not a formal race, just a bunch of people out for run.I have run it at am in Hawaii, am in California, and pm in Kuwait.This year was the second time I ran it in Kuwait and it turned out to be a good year for me.Unlike the flat smooth course in Key West, we ran over gravel, boulders, up hills, and along service roads to get the 13.1 mile needed for the race.I had put the word out about the race and had an unexpected number of people express interest.

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