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You will find the MADE IN JAPAN stamp on the heel of every guitar's neck, without variation.On Stratocasters and bass guitars, you will find the serial number just below this stamp, also on the heel of the neck.It comes 200 dollars and has replaced my old bass as my go-to instrument at 1/3 the cost. I'm the proud owner of a fake Fender Precision Bass.They follow the same serial numbering patterns as the Fender MIJ models.Please refer to the chart I have provided below in order to pinpoint the exact year your guitar was manufactured...Superb sound and playability set the Squier Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ apart from the pack!

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The serial numbers will start with a letter that corresponds to specific years of production. You will not find the MADE IN JAPAN stamp on the headstocks of Fender MIJ guitars. acronym for "CRAFTED IN JAPAN" These guitars were made from 1997 and are still being manufactured today.Chrome hardware, a comfortable C-shape neck and 20 medium jumbo frets put the finishing touches on this great bass from Squier!CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - I purchased this, and subsequently another "non affinity" model based on the 5 star ratings, but beware, although it plays well, the body is much thinner than standard -- a simple fact most seem to have simply not noticed, and if you are used to real basses it'll feel extremely peculiar, like a toy.Fender "JV" guitars were only made from 1982 to 1984.On early Fender JV models, you will also find "MADE IN JAPAN" written very small under the Fender spaghetti logo on the headstock of the guitar.

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