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Nerds, geeks, dorks, and the like are special types of people, and it’s no longer an insult to call someone one of these names.Harry Potter is my geeky passion of choice because, like millions of others, I’ve been a fan since I was a kid.The details of such a system, with free silver accounts and paying gold accounts was announced September 6.The free-to-play service launched on January 17, 2012 (or 17/01).More than 30 million members, more than 13.5 million monthly visitors, more than 22 years of online dating experience — these are the numbers you should know about Match.This is the number one dating site for single anime lovers, and basically everyone, because it has interest-based search filters as well as those for age, zip code, appearance, lifestyle, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, education, and so much more.

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Riker is charged with hosting Klingon commander Kurn, who takes his place as first officer as part of an exchange program.

I’ve loved “Sailor Moon” since I was in middle school, and I dressed up as her for Halloween a few years ago.

I remember watching “My Neighbor Totoro” when I was a kid, and I know tons of people who love “Spirited Away,” “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” “Dragon Ball Z,” “Ghost in the Shell,” and other anime movies, shows, and manga.

But I absolutely underestimated it because it's another high point for this season.

We learn so much here, whether it's Klingon law or Worf's heritage.

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