Straight edge dating

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Internet dating, not unlike metal, has been subcategorized to a ridiculous degree.

Despite the fact that most sites already get really specific with regards to searching for a mate who meets all kinds of religious and lifestyle criteria, there are sites catering to specific religions and specific lifestyle criteria, lest you accidentally send a wink to someone who has different values than you do.

However, I will look to mentors and successful people who have gotten to where I have gotten to speed up the process by guiding me past the mistakes they have made ahead of time so I don’t have to.”In this way, I get ahead.

I’m not doing this by cheating people or lying or looking for some secret Get Rich Quick scam tactic.

I try to do things the most efficiently and ethically as possible because there’s very little downside to it.

The only real downside is to be made fun of by people who will call you uncool for not partaking in these things. And there are times when you are young or trapped where there’s really no cool people who don’t do drugs or drink or smoke.

So there are all sorts of crazy niche men’s lifestyles out there. I didn’t know about this until now but I realized I already do this.

Instead, I use books, history, videos, interviews, real people, and a strict selection process to find the best in the world (dead or alive) to help guide me along my journey.

The lessons they have learned from wasting years of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars will be used to get me there faster.

And that’s not the type of person I want to hang out with anyways. But it’s a big world and eventually you will grow old enough to find awesome, successful people like that if you actively look.

There’s a difference between my idea of efficiency versus “cutting corners.”There’s a difference between my idea of efficiency versus “cutting corners.” This isn’t about taking shortcuts or magic pills.

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