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Also, if you live together, have an open discussion about household responsibilities and who is in charge of what, so one person doesn’t carry the brunt of cleaning without verbally agreeing.

Nagging puts you in a maternal role, is seen as bothersome and controlling, and can crush intimacy.

Commit to spending healthy time apart from your partner to further develop your own hobbies, interests, and relationships.

Understand some level of space is healthy in making your relationship last.

The downside of being comfortable, though, is the high probability of engaging in habits that may create space and disconnect in your relationship.

Although there’s no way around the reality that you will get on each other’s nerves sometimes, you can better understand habits that are commonly considered annoying and may decrease attraction in romantic relationships.

Ask yourself where the urge is coming from and if it’s coming from your partner’s behavior or your own fears or past?

Also, ask yourself how you would feel if your partner snooped behind your back.

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If the humor in your relationship has turned into taking jabs or intentionally pushing your partner’s buttons, you’ve gone too far.While you may be coming from a place of love, forcing your partner to talk to you and spend time with you only creates distance.How To Break It: Work on your own confidence, self-love, and having a life outside of your relationship.Snooping may be easier and more tempting in current times due to technology and social media, but not respecting your partner’s privacy is a big no-no, and, oftentimes, once you start this habit, it’s very hard to stop.How To Break It: When you have the urge to snoop, check in with yourself on the why, and remind yourself that snooping isn’t the solution to whatever larger issues are at play.

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