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Five out of six episodes of follow young, hot New Yorkers who by now might be growing their Instagram followings and basking in their newfound celebrity, and that's just fine.

But the one delightful outlier in the series is Leonard, the widower and former P. who brings an openhearted joy to every date he goes on.

Then you have the Girls in Colombia that that have been totally spoiled. Colombian girls like this have sort of lived in a bubble and don't understand what Colombia is really like for most of Colombian society.

Colombian girls that may be considered middle-class may be held in the idea that a career in Colombia can be a reality and support themselves and live independently.

We did a review of Colombian Girls are not all the same, there are the higher class girls that have been spoiled.

The majority of the Colombian Girls are brought up with less than.

We don't even find out if the final couple is still together; all we see is them choosing to embark on a second date (the real kind, not the fantastical, meaning-laden The daters are all incredibly different, too, bringing to life first dates that are inane, boring, fun, and even hostile.

There’s Lex, the confident and cool gay man his friend calls the Asian James Dean.

While those moments are quite dramatic (and, of course, happen only to the straight women), the other dates are all totally fine. There is an existential nagging that grows in the viewer while watching daters fumble around in ways that are too familiar. ) After six episodes, we’re left to wonder: what's the point of dating at all?Colombian girls have been raised to take care of a family.There is an attitude in which the men work and Colombian Women takes care of the house and the kids attitude.Luke is at an upscale Thai restaurant in Brooklyn, making small talk over dinner with his blind date about where she’s from.“I’m from Colombia, I’ve been here 9 years already,” she says, pointing out her accent. But not like Jersey Shore, though,” another woman says, quick to make that distinction.

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