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You never actually talk to a woman who likes you and wants a relationship with you. But the essence of your “relationship” is the same. You need to be ready to move forward quickly, or she will move on.

Paid communication scheme doesn’t want women like this. In other words, you are paying this person for being nice to you. At least, you both start making plans about a real life meeting. They won’t sit online for hours at night, because in the morning she needs to be at school at 8 am teaching kids. You have full control over the future of your relationship: how to communicate, when to meet.

They are not here to find a partner but earn a living to pay the bills. Naturally, every picture or video depicts a real person, unless it’s computer graphics.

Another concern of agents, how to provide live streams for “girls who combine work on several websites? “How do they see it that the girls come on camera: when, how many times? But if websites of paid correspondence are going to give the label “Real” to women on live video streams (even if they succeed in weeding out fake pre-recorded streams), it still doesn’t mean you are actually .

We are not just another Ukrainian bridal service – we like to think that we connect lonely hearts from all over the world.

That’s the 2 types of people you are in contact with on websites of paid communication. There won’t be months of chatting or writing letters.

Fake brides and writers-impersonators earn % of how much agents are paid by websites of paid correspondence.

You are chatting to either a “bride” who is paid wages for talking to men.

The agents must arrange administrators’ Skype meetings with women they represent in order to assign “Real” status to online profiles.

If all you are after is a chat to a pretty girl who is paid to be nice to you, this new “real” initiative may be great news. Because, as the agents state clearly, “girls work”.

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