Updating music directory

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With the Old drive and Old path combo boxes you should set the old location of files (source) and with the New path text box you should set the new location of files (destination).

To be able to do update, both locations should be correctly specified.

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I still receive the status of File rescan / add completed - no new files found. Post a screen shot of the rescan box that pops up when you hit insert.

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The gap between the unveiling to stations and the music’s broadcast debut is intended to allow for “sufficient time to adjust to the new music, and to be thoughtful about how best to incorporate it into local versions of the show,” Mohn wrote.If your Old/drive path dropdown lists are not filled with drives/paths, that means that your database is empty, in which case this add-on cannot be used - you should have database that contains files if you want to update their location (as the name of the add-on suggests).The Old drive combo box shows all drives containing media files that are added to the database (Library).The exception is with the Old drive and Old path combo boxes that will be automatically selected with the drive/path of the selected folder in the Tree panel.However, the old drive/path could be set manually in the mentioned dialog box as well.

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