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And while the Tempe is a Garmin device, it’s also fundamentally an ANT device utilizing an established and open ANT device profile. Some have argued that by doing so they’d be effectively giving revenue to Garmin. By doing so, they’re giving of revenue to Garmin (well, the consumer, not them), and taking 0 for themselves (Suunto).

Seems like an easy and obvious win for Suunto to me.

There are some sport-friendly watches (such as Metawatch and Pebble) coming into the market that will enable similar scenarios, and there has been some work done with the Motoactv in a jail broken scenario – but nothing in any of those cases has yet approached critical mass, or something that my Mom would download and/or use if she had such a device. But the Ambit changes that – it makes it easy and mainstream.In doing so, they’d be the first wrist-watch form factor to support an ANT power meter, especially with a barometric altimeter, would be incredible (Note to clarify that I’m referring to a day to day watch form factor, the FR310XT/910XT aren’t day to day watches).Combining that with the app functionality below, and you’ve instantly got an incredibly powerful and highly customizable power meter head unit.The supported device profiles are: For those unfamiliar with the speed & cadence cycling sensors, or the footpod sensor – see those particular posts for a ‘Everything you ever wanted to know’ post on each topic.They are not however in release 2.0 supporting the following ANT device profiles: It’s unclear whether or not they plan to support those sensors in the future, though they have been very specific in wording around “Release 2.0” and these device profiles, implying that additional releases may support these sensors.

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