Updating sql proceedure

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Having an sql update stored procedure for this type of activity is wholly rational and appropriate.To run the stored procedure you need to supply a values to the applicable variables.I create a database table named, “tbl Members” using the following SQL query and execute it on the server.As you can see, my table has 4 column where the first column is an idenity column.If you're new to SSMS, try this: https:// User defined stored procedures are created by database developers or database administrators.

User defined stored procedure is mixture of DDL (Data Definition Language) and DML (Data Manipulation Language ) commands.

When you modify a stored procedure the entry that was originally made in the system table is replaced by this new code.

Also, SQL Server will recompile the stored procedure the next time it is run, so your users are using the new logic.

This is where you will write a select, update, insert, or delete queries.

Before, we can create and execute any SPs, we need a database table.

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