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To check the patch repository manually you can open up a browser and enter in the URL https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/patch#search Within the above page, choose VC in the Select a Product drop down list, followed by 6.7.0 in the next drop down list.

You can leave All Severities and All Categories, then click on Search.

Once that’s done there are a few pre-requisites that need to be met and that will be checked by the upgrade process before the actual upgrade occurs.

The first thing the installer will do after asking for the SSO and VC service account password is run the Pre-Upgrade Checker.

Once that’s been generated you can replace the existing certificate by following a previous post I did using the VMware SSL Certificate Updater Tool.

After all that, in any case I got the warning below saying that the 5.5 SSL Certificates do not meet security requirements, and so new SSL certificates will need to be generated for v Center Server 6.0.0.

VMware v Center 6.7 Update 1 has been release 2 days ago.Post Upgrade Checks: Apart from making sure that the upgrade has gone through smoothly by ensuring all core v Center services are up and running, it’s important to check any VMware or third party services that where registered against the v Center especially given that the SSL Certificate has been replaced a couple of times.Server applications like NSX-v, v Cloud Director and v CO explicitly trust SSL certificates so the registration needs to be actioned again.v Center SSL and SSO SSL System Name Mismatch Error: A common issue that may pop up from the pre-upgrade checker is the warning below talking about an issue with the system name of the v Center Server certificate and the SSO certificate.As shown below it’s a hard stop and tells you to replace one or the other certificate so that the same system name is used.

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