Uranium disequilibrium dating laboratories

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Examples of this include isochrons, concordia diagrams, age spectra and density estimates.

Implementing these methods in a rigorous and self-consistent manner requires appropriate software.

An offline version of the GUI is provided for use on computers that are not (permanently) connected to the internet.

The radial plot is introduced as a more appropriate data visualisation tool for ‘heteroscedastic’ data (i.e. The radial plot provides a good vehicle to assess the dispersion of multi-aliquot datasets.For synchronously acquired isotopic data, such as Ar-data measured by noble gas mass spectrometry or U-Pb data measured by laser ablation inductively coupled mass spectrometry (LAICPMS), this is achieved using redundant ratios.For example, in the case of ]) are based on the same number of data points.The principal aim of this paper is to provide a general overview of the design philosophy and basic operating principles behind the software, rather than a detailed manual of all its components.Section 2 discusses the software architecture, which uses a modular design with future-proofness and extendability in mind.

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