Usps tracking number is not updating

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Here's a pic of the crystals anyway, from the seller: [img][/img]Just my two cents, but I used to buy a bunch of stuff from Pakistan, from just a couple guys I've befriended.The problem is that if they use DHL, then customs will man-handle the package, ruining some specimens.Once the parcel is accepted by USPS, there is a delay in the system--typically short but could be up to a day--wherein the tracking information is not updated.As the seller may not be in the US, what is also possible is that their local postal service has accepted the package, and if it is an international shipment, it will go through customs and be received by the USPS at some future time. I won an e Bay auction on some gorgeous lavender spinel crystals on e Bay a couple of days ago, from a seller called "top-quality-minerals", apparently based in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Should I be concerned, or am I just being a bit paranoid?

The local postal service informs USPS in a similar way that a domestic shipper does, and this may be the tracking number that you see from your end.

But it may take some time before USPS actually receives the item, since it has to go through the local postal service.

Finally, I should note that if an international seller really wanted to scam you, they would probably ship something like rocks..wait, I almost forgot this is a mineral site, we actually WANT rocks.

I mean, they could ship you something of no value, and then by the time you receive it, a month has gone by or something.

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